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Interested In Becoming A Safety House?

What do Safety House people do?

The role of the Safety Householder is to assist young children in need of help by just being a “Good Neighbour” to them.  Making them feel safe and supported and helping them to get in touch with their parents, school or whatever other help they might need.  In non-emergency situations such as bullied, frightened or lost children, the Safety House person will contact the child’s parents or school whilst reassuring and calming the child.  In emergency situations the Safety House person will call the child’s parents and the Police or emergency services whilst giving support and protection to the child.

In what ways can I become involved in the Safety House Program?
To become involved in the Safety House program you can:

  • Join your local Safety House Committee and assist in your community
  • Participate in your local Safety House program by applying to be a Safety House
  • Support the local and school activities organised by your local Safety House Committee
  • Contribute money or goods as a donation to your local Safety House Committee
  • Make a tax deductible donation to the Safety House Association of WA Inc.

How do I join the Safety House program?

To become a Safety House you will first need to consider the following things about your home:

  • Is the front door of your house easily visible from the street?
  • Is there easy access for a child to the front door of your house from the street?
  • Is the entrance to your house easily visible and not hidden by a wall, fence or trees?
  • Is it easy for a young child to seek help at your house, without being scared by any dogs?
  • Is an adult usually present in the house at times children are going to and from school?

Any no answers above means your home is possibly not suitable as a Safety House.  Look around with the eyes of a six year old child and see whether there is adequate accessibility and visibility to make your home suitable as a Safety House.

Please also think about the following questions:

  • Are you happy to assist any child in need who might come to your door for help?
  • Do you already hold; or are you happy to obtain; a valid Working with Children Card?
  • Are you happy to contact the parents of a child seeking help in a difficult situation?
  • Are you happy to contact WA Police if an offence has been, or could be, committed?
  • Do you have a mobile phone so that you can contact the child’s parents, school or the Police?
  • Do you agree to affix a Safety House plate to your letterbox?
  • Do you agree to remove the Safety House letterbox plate when you move house?
  • Do you understand that insurance cover is not provided by Safety House WA?

If you have answered yes to all eight questions above, you may decide to proceed and complete the Safety House application form which includes authorisation for a police check request. There is no fee payable by the applicant for the police checks.

If you have any concerns or wish to discuss any questions in detail please contact the CEO at the Safety House WA office:  Michael Clarke  Phone: 9343 7511  Email:

 For information about mandatory Working with Children Card requirements:

You can download the necessary Safety House Application Forms from here:

For New Residents wishing to join an already registered Safety House or New Coordinators or Safety House Committee Members who are not residents of a registered Safety House.

Safety House Nomination program-Merchandise Award Voucher for successful nominations: